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“Tom is an amazing and honorable attorney. He’s quick on his feet and knows the law inside and out. He’s an incredibly caring attorney who will do above and beyond for you. That is my experience and I’m so glad he was there for me and my family.”
— Doris Hugo

“I have personally witnessed Tom Silverman prepare and try cases and represent people and their children for many years, and can say without hesitation that he is the best attorney in the 9th Judicial District, including Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Rifle, Carbondale, Parachute, Meeker and Eagle.”
—Becky Rippy

“Tom’s experience, professionalism and patience made it possible to resolve my case without a trial. I cannot recommend Tom, Katie and Pam and Joe highly enough! I consider The Silverman Law Firm my legal family."
—Sean McWilliams

“I could say a lot more, but here’s the bottom line: I know a great many lawyers, but if I got arrested, I would call Tom. Nobody else.”
—Tom Jirak

Silverman Law Offices


214 Eighth Street. Suite 207
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


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Colorado Lawyers That Care About Clients

Many lawyers don’t like what they do. They tell their children not to become lawyers.


It is not an easy job. Basically, you are taking on other people’s problems for a career. God knows, we have plenty of problems ourselves. It is high stress, long hours and less lucrative than the public thinks.


My law school professor said, “If you don’t like hard work, leave now! This is the nature of the legal profession.”

Yet we love what we do. You couldn’t have a more wonderful job. Every day people sit across from us presenting the challenging and frightening problems they are facing. And every day we fight for them and help them through these intimidating problems.


We have had a lot of success and we have helped a lot of people make their lives better and their loved ones lives better.


For us, there is no better feeling or cause.


Our Colorado Law Office's Core Philosophy

We love and care about others and recognize the great honor in being chosen to represent people in helping to defend and protect them and resolve the crises and problems in their lives.


Every day we think positively about our mission and we ask ourselves how can we be better lawyers and legal support for our clients and make this the best law firm possible.


We do this noble work by using the United States Constitution and our laws and our legal knowledge and experience in helping our clients reach their honorable, realistic and deserved goals and in adapting to the issues that can’t be changed.


In our help and protection on behalf of our clients we look to the overall legal and life situation to make sure our focus is on making our clients’ lives better for them and those they love.